POW LLA Issue Statements and Alternatives Comments

In December 2017, ARD submitted comments in response to the Forest Service planning document entitled  “Prince of Wales Landscape Level Analysis Project – Draft Issue Statements and Alternatives, 12/5/17.”4 We support the no-action alternative. The Forest Service proposes three action alternatives that would extract between 330 and 689.4 million board feet of timber from both old growth forests and recovering, regenerating forests that the Forest Service once intended to recover and provide old-growth habitat for wildlife. The action alternatives provide no consideration for multiple use resource values.

Prince of Wales Landscape Analysis Comments

In August 2017 ARD submitted comments on the the Prince of Wales Island Landscape Analysis Project (POWLLA). The following comments respond to the preliminary issues identified in the updated Corrected Notice of Intent (NOI) and provide updates on resource and socio-economic issues and supplement our previously submitted comments.

Objection to Tongass Forest Plan

In August 2016, GSACC (now ARD) and allied organizations submitted a 213 page formal objection to the Forest Service’s Draft Tongass Land Management Plan amendment.

Lawsuit to Stop Big Thorne 

In September 2014 GSACC (now ARD) and allied organizations sued the Forest Service to stop logging over its Big Thorne logging project on Prince of Wales Island.